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Gert’s Sambal Tomat

Balance is key – in desserts, in spices, and most definitely in life!

Gert’s Snacks & Spices is a family-owned specialty food market located in Highlands, New Jersey. Just a glimpse of what is available in our shop: handmade fudge, Gert’s Original and Chocolate Drizzle Marshmallows, a spice counter for the cooking enthusiast, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, organic cocktail supplies and ready-to-go snacks for the beachgoer, hiker, runner, bicyclist.  A visit to Thailand opened my eyes to a healthier approach to snacking, and the Balinese spice mixtures are a result of my most recent trips to Bali.  Make the most delicious grilled food with Gert’s spice mixtures. Come to my shop for a quick hints and products for easy entertaining.

Gert’s Marshmallows **Again, balance is key.  The real marshmallow root in these delightful candies create a balance of sweetness and flavor in a naturally non-fat treat.  Containing only organic marshmallow root, organic free-range egg whites, organic evaporated cane juice, water, Nielsen-Massey Madagascar vanilla, agar-agar and cream of tartar.

Gert’s Thai Coconut-Chili Relish **Fresh tropical fruits dipped into a chili and coconut relish; fresh vegetables used as dippers for a variety of chili dips. Hot curries are best served with the cooling properties of a cucumber salad and lots of vegetable accompaniments.

Gert’s Sambal Tomat ** Gert’s Sambal Tomat is a table condiment and seasoning sauce that’s handmade from tomatoes, red chillies, shallots, garlic and bird chillies. It’s a delicious dip for fresh vegetables, accompaniment to fish and seafood, eggs in the morning, as a sandwich spread, and the essential seasoning sauce to made the Indonesian stir fry rice noodle dish of Mie Goring.

Enjoy that rich, delicious dessert once in a while … snack on fruits and vegetables … grilled fish and vegetables with Balinese spices

Nibbles are a must with cocktails …

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