Gert’s Marshmallow Candy

Organic, Vegetarian Marshmallows made with real marshmallow root.  If your first thought was “I didn’t know there was such a thing as marshmallow root”  or “Marshmallows contain marshmallow root?”  You’re in good company since most people are surprised to find out that there once was a delicious candy made from marshmallow root.  So today what passes as a marshmallow is nothing more than sugar, water and gelatin (yuk!) which is a pale imitation of an incredible candy.

Gert’s Marshmallows are an unforgettable taste treat.  Perfect straight out of the package and absolutely divine when toasted over an open fire.  Try our Chocolate Drizzle Marshmallows when you visit the shop. And our Marshmallow Topping is the perfect addition to your hot chocolate … and an incredible topping for holiday pies.

Gert’s Snacks & Spices has reopened after a long rebuild from Hurricane Sandy.

Gert’s Marshmallows are back!